Changelog #1 (March 2022)

We released a bunch of improvements around creating and running Banner Ads in March. Check out our new Banner Ads creation and approval cycles. 🔄 ✅ Boleto is also now a payment option for our Brazilian friends! 💰💱

Release Notes:

Banner Ads

Banner Ads are now new and improved! When creating banner ad campaigns, you can now specify the product or brand, location, and duration of your campaign.


Product Banner Ads vs Brand Banner Ads

You can now specify whether your ad campaign is advertising for a product(s) or a brand(s). Product Banner Ads (“My product”) mean that your ad is advertising product(s), while Brand Banner Ads (“My brand”) clarifies that the ad is advertising a brand(s).

For vendors with multiple brands, the “my brand” ad type gives them the flexibility to advertise multiple brands at once or separately.

Banner Ad Website Location (Targeting)

Depending on your website layout, you can now specify where you are running banner ads:

  • Search-page
  • Home-page
  • Category-page

Banner Ad Formats


Set up new Banner Ad Formats by setting the location and dimensions of your ad and saving it to reference during your campaign creation.

Banner Ad Reviews


Ensure the quality and success of all banner ad campaigns by reviewing all created campaigns before they launch on your website. Topsort’s new banner ad review system allows process owners to approve or reject created ad campaigns and monitor a history of all approvals.

If you choose to reject a campaign, you can easily provide a rejection reason and send an email to vendor advertising managers, so they can quickly get your feedback and make adjustments.

Boleto Payments

If credit cards aren’t the main form of payment in your region, we have now set up a way to Top-Up your wallet with Boleto. Boleto payments are powered by our integration with dLocal.

Manual Vendor Creation and Invitation

On the Topsort marketplace dashboard, you can now invite vendors with the new “Add vendor” button. Just search up the vendor name and invite relevant personnel to get them started with ads.

Public API to create and invite vendors

If you have a platform of your own to interact with your vendors, you can now easily integrate Topsort onto your platform with our new public API for vendor creation and invitation purposes.


  • Added country code when adding the phone number in both the account details page and the sign up page
  • Added a learning mode display for the first 5 days after campaign creation
  • Instructional images during campaign creation
  • Load spinner added every time a page is loading


  • Fixed vendor menu color
  • Fixed Top-Up options spacing
  • Broken generate marketplace API key link fixed on the resources tab
  • Brought Chart Gradient back
  • Invite team button name fixed