Changelog #11 (September 28, 2022)

Now you can send personalized notifications to sellers when their balance is running low or runs out. That way they can top up easily, and keep their campaigns running. We also implemented some data visualization fixes, made campaign end dates visible, and added sorting to the transactions report.

Release Notes

Low Balance Notifications

Some sellers may not log in to their dashboards daily to track their balances. This might cause campaigns to pause due to the balance running out.

To help with this self-service experience, we implemented personalized notifications when the balance is running low and when it runs out.

Here's an example notification for a low balance:


  • Two sets of lines corresponding to the y-axis values on the graphs when viewing two metrics are removed. Now there's just one line making it easier to read the graphs.
  • Self-service dashboard aesthetic changes for banner ads campaigns: Inactive "settings" item removed from the edit menu
  • Ability to see the campaign end dates on vendor and admin dashboards
  • Ability to sort transactions by date