Changelog #12 (October 5, 2022)

This week we released some updates to keep marketplaces and vendors notified of their campaign status changes and added a button to refresh dashboard metrics. We also improved the logs service performance.

Release Notes

Notifications for Campaign Status Changes

We wanted to notify vendors and marketplaces when the campaign status is changed, especially in special cases where a vendor turns off a campaign by mistake, or campaigns stop running due to the duration or budget setup.

Now, you will receive a detailed email whenever a campaign is turned on/off and quickly review the changes.

As a marketplace, you can keep track of all the changes with vendor campaigns to provide faster support. As a vendor, you can track the status of your campaigns, changes your team members make, avoid unintentional campaign changes, and keep your campaign performance high.

Here's an example:

Refresh Dashboard Metrics

Now you can refresh all the dashboard metrics at once to see the latest results as an admin. Simply, click the refresh button at the top right corner.


We implemented the changes below to improve logs service performance

  • Use OpenSearch's GET instead of SEARCH for retrieving logs by ID.
  • Do not retrieve request/response bodies when getting the list of requests to reduce query/payload size.