Changelog #18 (January 9, 2023)

We started this year by releasing two significant features. The multi-marketplace login allows marketplace admins seamlessly switch between different countries, business functions, or languages. We also released the banner ads flow that has a better user experience with a simpler UI and allows serving multiple banner ads on landing pages.

Multi-marketplace Login

Our marketplace, delivery app, and multi-brand retailer partners operate in multiple countries that used to require admins to log out and log in between different production environments. Now admins can easily switch between different marketplaces at a click of a button. On the admin dashboard, simply select the country or store you want to switch to right below your marketplace logo.

Multiple Landing Page Banners

Our easy-to-use banner ads creation and configuration flows just got easier to use, manage, and configure with the new improvements we've implemented.

Now, you can serve multiple banner ads on landing pages. Configure as many banner slots as you want on your homepage, category pages, or search result pages and run auctions on each slot.

Give each banner slot a unique ID and easily manage them across your marketplace. Filter all your banner configurations by the page or use the search bar to find the banner configuration you are looking for. If you need to create a campaign for your marketplace or for your vendors, you can now create a banner ads campaign directly on the configuration page for your marketplace or for the vendors.

Here are some other thoughtful features we added for an improved and advanced banner ads experience:

  • Schedule start and end dates for your banner placements.
  • Browse tags as quick summaries of banner ads campaigns
  • Easily choose categories when configuring banners for category pages
  • Upload keyword lists for banner configurations on the search result page
  • Search and select keywords for each banner configuration on the search result page
  • Set approval method (manual or auto-approval) and access limitations in a simpler way
  • Drag and drop your banner ads creatives while creating campaigns