Changelog #2 (June 15, 2022)

We’re excited to announce our newest release: Banner Ad campaigns (new and improved)! You can now run auction-based banner ads anywhere on your marketplace website! We’ve also built a whole Banner Ad Configuration module to support banner ad campaign creation.

In addition to banner ads improvements, we’ve also optimized how auctions are run. We now run keyword targeted auctions for sponsored listings and run 10 auctions per sever call. You get more value without compromising performance!

Release Notes

Banner Ad Configurations - Homepage and Category Pages

This is a feature made to simplify how and where you set up display banner inventory. You can add an unlimited number of configurations with any placement. Read our documentation to learn how it works.

Configuration for Category Page Banner Ads

Before creating and launching a banner ad campaign that will appear on your category pages, select as many category pages as you want to include in your configuration. Or turn on “select all” to save time!

New and Improved Way to Create Banner Ad Campaigns

We’ve updated the banner campaign creation process to reference your set configurations. Setting it up is simple. First upload your creative. Then choose a placement and creative size. Set your campaign parameters and hit launch!

Support for up to 10 auctions in 1 server call!

We get it. There’s usually more than one ad type for each page load. This is why we updated our API to support up to 10 auctions per server call. If you have sponsored listings, banner ads and related products in the same page, those auctions will be consolidated in the same server call. This will dramatically reduce the number of server calls, resulting in lower costs for the marketplace!


Balance Breakdown: On the vendor’s analytics page is the Balance Breakdown. It’s an overview of a vendor’s total budget, ad spend, and percentage of ad spent out of the budget. Wallet top-up is now located here as well.

  • Added “Vendor's Balance” on the marketplace dashboard
  • Ability to create an unlimited number of configurations
  • Ability to edit and delete configurations
  • Add 3 metric displays to the a campaign’s “product” section: Total spend, Total sales, ROAS

  • Sidebar aesthetic changes: new dark blue, purple, and green colors; new icons
  • Sidebar navigation changes: “Ad formats” dropdown menu