Changelog #7 (Aug 9, 2022)

Recently, Topsort has released the new Billing API that makes billing operations easier and more transparent for marketplaces and vendors. Marketplaces can now use the Billing API to check a vendor’s balance, their credit history, issue free credits, and manage credit limits. API Logs also got a revamp!

Release Notes

Billing API

With the call of an API you can check your vendors current balance, their billing and credit history, and issue free credit for your vendors! You can also manage credit limits for your marketplace and vendors. Here’s a rundown of the new functionalities:

  • Manage credit limits for marketplaces and vendors
  • Check a vendor’s current balance
  • Check a vendor’s account activity
  • Check a vendor’s credit history
  • Add to a vendor’s current balance

Billing operations are now easier for all users. Formerly, vendors would have to top-up first before creating campaigns. Now, vendors can create campaigns and spend on ads in advance because credit limits set new thresholds for vendors and marketplaces.

Check out our Billing API reference to learn how to make different API requests and responses.


API Logs

We’ve improved the UI of API Logs to focus on just the essentials: errors and summaries of API calls. Troubleshoot even quicker with improved readability.

High-level summaries about API requests made, successful calls, and failed calls are displayed on the top in 3 cards.

  • The “API request” card summarizes how many of each method was made that day.
  • The “Successful calls” and “Failed calls” cards total the amount of successful and failed calls made that day respectively.

Each card displays the trend over time. And we still only record calls within the last 2 weeks.

Underneath the cards, we only show you errors so you don’t have to scroll through a large volume of requests.

Troubleshoot by viewing side-by-side information on the request, HTTP method, time it was made, source, and request query parameters. All information is ordered by date (shows 7 days by default) and you can view more requests by adjusting the date range.