Auctions FAQ

How do I know which vendor is winning the auctions?

One auction equals one impression of the ad rendered to a user.

Auctions are completely dynamic and reset every time the page is reloaded, in this way, the number of total impressions that a vendor has is the total number of auctions they have won. However, impressions are not exactly comparable due to market conditions; impressions rely primarily on-page traffic. For example, in summer, it is more likely that on a toy marketplace, the water gun page will have more traffic, therefore more page loads, therefore more impressions than the winter sled page.

You can check manually which vendor has won the current auction by physically checking the marketplace for the product listings marketed as “Sponsored” or shown as a banner ad.

How do I know which vendor is performing best?

There is no single definition of "best”; some vendors will be performing best on total sales, others on ROAS, etc. Vendors will have different aims and strategies.

Do I have to manually reset the auctions?

No. It would be near impossible to manually do this. Auction-based sponsored product listings are extremely dynamic and reset with every page load. This means that depending on the page traffic, there could be thousands of auctions a second or just a few times a day if the page traffic is low.

What should I alter for large promotional events like Black Friday?

You do not need to change any parameters but, should use such promotional events as an opportunity to grow adoption and revenue through Topsort Powered ads. You can do this by reminding vendors about the advantages of native ads, reaching out to new vendors, encouraging them to review their campaigns to make sure bids and budgets are up to date, and encouraging vendors to increase advertising budgets to match the expected traffic, etc.

Topsort's high performance APIs can handle tens of thousands of requests per second. If your estimated load is going higher don't hesitate contacting your account manager so we can discuss.

How can vendors get support?

All vendors that are invited to the vendor dashboard (which you can complete from the marketplace dashboard) will be able to access our Help Center and in-app live chat 24/7.

Our Help Center contains a set of complete guides on how to create ad campaigns and a frequently asked questions section. We built our product around democratizing access to advertising for huge vendors and very small inexperienced vendors. Everyone across your site can take part in Topsort powered ads.

Help Center can be localized to the languages of your marketplace.