Banner Ad Configuration

What is the “Banner Ads Configuration” page used for?

The “Banner Ads Configuration” page was created for marketplace managers to manage certain aspects around banner ad campaign creation. On this page, managers can:

  • Specify placements and dimensions for banner ads
  • Choose a creative approval process
  • Decide which vendors can create banner ad campaigns
  • Edit and delete configurations as needed

All configuration settings are referenced when a banner ad campaign is created. For example, when you create a banner ad, the categories and keywords you set with the configuration are referenced.


So what is a configuration? Let’s define some terms before we explain how to set one up.




The entire configuration setting, including the settings for placement, dimensions, creative approval method, and vendor access.


The pages on an e-commerce website where the ad will be displayed: Homepage, Categories, and Search.


The image or video file. The displayed part of an ad.

How to Set a Banner Ads Configuration

Step 1: Where are “Banner Ads Configuration” settings located?

Under Topsort’s sidebar, navigate to “Ad Formats” > “Banner Ads” to view the “Banner Ads Configuration” page. By default, it will be empty, until you press “Set a Configuration.”

Step 2: Set your placement.

Then you will see 3 placement options: “Homepage,” “Categories,” and “Search.” Select one of the three options to define a placement setting for your configuration.

Step 3: Customize your banner ad configuration

The next steps differ depending on which placement you selected. Read the pages below depending on your placement type!

How to edit, delete, and create new configurations

If you choose to edit or delete any previously created configuration, press the three dots to the right of any configuration. Then you can change your dimensions, advanced settings, and any other settings related to that particular placement type. Press “Save” when you’re done editing. You’ll arrive back at the page where you can see all the configuration settings.

To make a new configuration, press the “Add a configuration” button to the top right of the page.

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