Banner Ads Campaign Creation

Ad Formats

To create Banner Ads, marketplace representatives first need to ensure that the Banner Ads format is enabled through the Marketplace Administrator Dashboard. To enable Banner Ads go to the “Ad Formats” page and turn Banner Ads on using the green toggle button.

After enabling Banner Ads, press the “New” button to create a new Banner Ad placement setting. Set the dimensions and location, how big and where the banner ads appear on the website. At the moment, you can set 3 unique banner dimensions on 3 pages: home, category, and search.


Editing and deleting Banner Ad settings are prohibited when campaigns actively use these settings.

Feel free to edit and remove these placement settings as you see fit. However, you cannot edit or remove settings if active campaigns are using the placement setting. You can only edit or remove settings once those campaigns are finished running, deactivated, or deleted.

How to Create a Banner Ad Campaign as a Vendor

To create a Banner Ad as a Vendor, go onto your vendor dashboard and click on “Create Campaign” and select Banner Ads. Once you’re on the Banner Campaign Creation view, you have to upload your media and categorize the banner ad as displaying “My product” or “My brand.”


Ad Types: "My Product" vs "My Brand"

“My product” means you’re displaying an ad for one specific product. For example, one L’Oreal mascara is the one sponsored product featured on that banner. A customer clicking on a banner ad like this would be directed to the L’Oreal mascara page where they can inspect the product more closely and hopefully purchase it.

“My brand” means you’re displaying an ad for one brand. For example, L’Oreal would be the one brand featured on that banner and the link associated with this banner would be a product listing/search results page full of L’Oreal products.

After specifying the ad type, define these parameters:

  • Product (if “My product” selected)
  • Campaign duration
  • Maximum bid amount per click
  • Weekly or monthly budget
  • Targeting (banner ad location on the marketplace website)
  • Name of the campaign


Set "Targeting" first

Make sure to choose the location of the banner first under “Targeting” before you upload your media. Each location choice (home, category, or search page) includes the proper settings for each that the marketplace representative configured in the “Ad Formats” page.

Setting the location ensures that you are uploading a banner image with the correct dimensions. If your image does not have the correct dimensions, a message will alert you of the error and prevent you from uploading.

Once everything is filled out, press launch and the banner ad campaign will be sent to the marketplace to review! And Topsort immediately sends an email alerting marketplace representatives to review the campaign.

Check out the completed banner campaign by clicking on “View campaign.”


Banner Ads select a winner via auction. Then Topsort provides the link to the product page.

Topsort-powered Banner Ads run using our auction-engine. So once it goes through the auction/bidding process and a winner is selected, a URL pointing to the hosted Banner will be provided as well as the redirection address to the product linked to the ad.

Banner Ad Campaign view

Notice that the campaign is not active, but waiting for a marketplace representative’s approval. Orange labels “Under review” and “Creative pending” appear near the top.

"My product" view is different from "My brand" view. A product is displayed in the “My Product” media section, but it doesn’t appear in the media section for a “My Brand” campaign view because “My Brand” campaigns don’t sponsor products; they sponsor a brand.

On the bottom, vendors will see metrics like impressions and CTR. Again, the only difference between the two views is whether or not the product is displayed. The “My Brand” view specifies the ad type and doesn't display a product. Vendors can also turn on and off the active status of the campaign in both views.

On this page, vendors can change their media when they see fit by clicking on the image display to change media.

Change media by clicking on this sectionChange media by clicking on this section

Change media by clicking on this section

Once a vendor’s banner ad campaign is approved, the campaign is live and you can start collecting ad performance data within 5 days (notice “Active” and “Approved creative” appear on the top). The campaign will remain active until a certain date or until it is turned off.

But before we can get to this point, read on to find out how the approval process works on our Ad Reviews page.

Ad Reviews

Ad Reviews is where marketplace representatives have a log of all the pending Banner Ad campaign requests and approved campaigns. Here, the marketplace representative can choose to approve or decline a request.

If the campaign request is declined, marketplace representatives must provide a reason why, so that vendor representatives can improve their image or campaign parameters based upon marketplace feedback and then resubmit for approval. Once the marketplace hits “Confirm” on the feedback, Topsort sends the feedback via email to the vendor representative.

The vendor then goes into their campaign view and updates the image by clicking on the image area to “Change media.” Once the new image is uploaded, Topsort automatically resubmits it for the marketplace to review.

Once the marketplace approves it, the campaign runs the auction-powered banner ad and you can start seeing data displayed after “Learning mode” is complete (5 days of collecting ad performance data).

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