Category Page Configuration

Banner ads can appear on specific category pages. In this guide, we’ll explain how to set up a category configuration before you create a banner ad campaign for your category page.

Picking Category(s)

Select at least one category. These categories will appear as options to select from when you create a banner ad campaign with category targeting.

To save time, use the search bar or the “select all categories” toggle on the bottom left of the page.

Set your dimension(s)

These are the steps to finish setting up your “Category” configuration:

  1. Set your dimension(s)
  2. Set advanced settings: creative approval method, vendor access
  3. Save the configuration

Set a primary dimension

To set your dimension, you have to choose one primary device and creative’s aspect ratio.

Your primary device is the device your marketplace uses more frequently. Here are some use cases:

  1. If you’re a delivery app business like Grubhub or Uber Eats, your primary device would be mobile. Choose mobile.
  2. If you’re a retailer like Walmart or Homegoods, you might be using your desktop website more than your mobile platform to meet customers. Choose desktop.

Choose an aspect ratio preset

After you’ve selected either the mobile or desktop device option, you must specify an aspect ratio for your creative. These are the 3 aspect ratio presets for each respective device.



  • Half page banner: 1:2 or 300x600 pixels
  • Medium banner: 6:5 or 300x250 pixels
  • Leaderboard banner: 364:45 or 728x90 pixels
  • Half page banner: 2:3 or 200x300 pixels
  • Medium banner: 6:5 or 300x250 pixels
  • Leaderboard banner: 32:5 or 320x50 pixels

These are the most commonly used aspect ratios for each device in the retail industry. We provide you with a preview window and an explanation to help you choose between these options as well.

Choose a custom aspect ratio

If you select a “custom” dimension, upload your image sample with the “Upload a creative” button or by drag-and-dropping your image into the preview window. Topsort will immediately measure and record the dimensions for you. You can also “add a dimension manually.”

Set a secondary dimension (optional)

Set a secondary dimension if you want to create a configuration with all the same advanced settings as your primary dimension. All advanced settings that you will create in the next step are applied to both primary and secondary dimensions.

To do so, press the “+ Add a secondary dimension” to create one and follow the same steps we described above.


When should I choose mobile or desktop for my primary and secondary dimensions?

Let’s say you use both desktop and mobile platforms, but use desktop more or want to focus on creating campaigns for desktop. Choose desktop for your primary and mobile for your secondary dimension, and vice versa.


You can set an unlimited amount of configurations.

Create as many configurations as you want for each dimension: custom, half page, medium, or leaderboard.

Setting Dimensions (Advanced)

For more advanced configuration settings, toggle the “Advanced settings” button and you’ll see 2 options: “Auto-approve creatives” and “Limit access by vendor

2 Ways to Approve Banner Ad Creatives

  1. Auto-approvals: Turning ON “auto-approve creatives” ensures that all creatives are automatically approved without a marketplace representative’s review.
  2. Manual approvals (default): Turning OFF “auto approve creatives” lets you manually approve creatives on our “Ad Reviews” page. Learn how to approve creatives within Topsort here.

Vendor Access to Running Banner Ad Campaigns

  1. Limited vendor access: When “Limit access by vendor” is turned ON, you can specify which vendors can launch campaigns with this configuration. Select the vendors you wish to include by searching them in the search bar. Once added, vendors will show up underneath the search bar. Add or delete as many vendors as you want.
  2. Unlimited vendor access (default): When “Limit access by vendor” is turned OFF, all vendors can participate in creating and running banner ad campaigns.

Press “save” to save your dimensions, approval method, and vendor access settings.


You can come back to edit all these settings later.

Configuration Settings are Displayed

Once you’ve set up at least one banner ads configuration, the “Banner Ads Configuration” page will display all the configurations made underneath its corresponding placement (homepage, categories, or search). This is the new page default layout where you can view all previous configurations by order of the first date of creation. From here, you can edit and delete configurations by clicking the three dots to the right of configurations.

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