Banner Ads

These are the steps to creating a banner ad campaign on your self-service dashboard.

  1. Upload your creative.
  2. Set where and how the creative will be displayed.
  3. Fill out the campaign settings.

Step 1: Uploading a Creative

Start by uploading your creative. A creative is an image file that will be displayed on site. Banner ad creatives must be in JPG or PNG file format and cannot exceed a file size of 2MB.

You can upload a creative in 2 ways:

  • Upload button: Press “Upload creatives.” Find the creative on your local file system. Upload the creative.
  • Drag and drop: First find the creative on your local file system. Click and drag the creative into Topsort.

Step 2: Setting a Creative’s Appearance

Finalize where and how it will appear on your devices. First select a device and placement, then a banner size. Lastly, perform any resizing edits.

2.1 Device and placement

Choose to have the banner ad appear on desktop or mobile platforms. Then choose for it to appear on homepage, category, or search page.

2.2 Banner size

Once you set your placement, pick a banner size in the drop-down menu at the top-right of the campaign creation view. The drop-down menu references the dimension settings your marketplace allows.

For example, let’s say your marketplace have 2 configurations under the category placement:

  • Custom 521:496, auto-approval, limited to 10 vendors
  • 1:2, no limitations

During campaign creation, the banner size drop-down menu will include these two banner size options, 521:496 and 1:2, for you to select from.

2.3 Editing the Creative

Whichever banner size you select, the preview window will update to show your creative with the aspect ratio you chose on top of it. By default, the creative fills the size, so there’s no blank space ever.

If your creative is bigger than the selected size and you want to show a specific part, you can directly reposition your creative within the lighter box.

There is also an option to “Reset” the entire step 2. All placement, size, and editing choices are erased and you start from the beginning. Save your edits by pressing “Confirm” and head to the next step.

Step 3: Filling Out Campaign Settings

To finish your campaign creation, fill out these required fields for your banner ad campaign:

  • Campaign name
  • Banner ad type
  • Budget frequency and amount
  • Autobidding
  • Campaign duration
  • Targeting (only available with category page banner ads)
  • Category (only available with category page banner ads)

Read our sponsored listings creation documentation to learn more about budgets, bidding, and duration. Let’s explain the 3 campaign creation fields unique to banner ads: banner ad type, targeting, and category.

Banner Ad Types: My Product vs My Brand

A banner ad can display either a product or a brand. By setting your banner ad as “My brand” or “My product”, Topsort can run auctions with other banner ad campaigns of the same banner ad type.


What does “My brand” or “My product” mean?

“My product” means you’re displaying an ad for one specific product. For example, one L’Oreal mascara is the one sponsored product featured on that banner. A customer clicking on a banner ad like this would be directed to the L’Oreal mascara page where they can inspect the product more closely and purchase it.

“My brand” means you’re displaying an ad for one brand. For example, L’Oreal would be the one brand featured on that banner and the link associated with this banner would be a product listing/search results page full of L’Oreal products.

Targeting and Category

Under the “Targeting” field, you can either set your campaign to “automatic” or “categories.”

  • Automatic: Your campaign will automatically display banner ads on all category pages.
  • Categories: You can select from the categories you included in your configuration setting. For example, if you set a category configuration with only 2 categories (“laptop” and “watches”), you’ll only be able to select from those 2 categories under the “Category” field.
    Press ”Launch” and your campaign is now active.