Set up Banner Ads

What is the “Configuration” page used for?

The “Configuration” page was created for marketplace managers to manage certain aspects around banner ad campaign creation with configurations. With configurations, marketplace admins can:

  • Specify placements and dimensions for banner ads
  • Choose a creative approval process
  • Decide which vendors can create banner ad campaigns
  • Edit and delete configurations as needed

All configuration settings are referenced by created banner ad campaigns. For example, when a user creates a banner ad campaign, the categories and keywords set with the configuration are referenced.

To get to the page, navigate to “Ad Formats” > “Banner Ads.”

Banner Ad Configuration Definitions

ConfigurationA set of settings for banner ad campaign creation. Settings may include placement, dimensions, creative approval method, and vendor access. Configurations must be created before banner ad campaigns can be created.
PlacementThe pages on an e-commerce website where the ad will be displayed: Homepage, Categories, and Search.
CreativeThe image or video file. The displayed part of an ad.

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