Dashboard Overview

Once logged in, you will be on the dashboard page, which gives you a birds-eye view over ad performance for all of your active vendors. View key advertising metrics at a glance and take a closer look at individual vendor performance in the Vendor Board section.

Key Advertising Metrics

The top of the dashboard page displays overview information collected from all your vendors and their ad campaigns. Here’s a breakdown of the metrics shown to you:

Vendors advertisingThe number of vendors (brands) that you have on your marketplace that are currently running active campaigns. For example, if the number is 356, your marketplace has 356 vendors who are running at least one campaign.
Total ad spendThe total amount of money that has been spent by vendors on native ads across your platform in the time frame displayed on the top right. This is not the amount of money you will receive in fees. You will receive a percentage of this from each vendor.
Cost per clickThe average cost-per-click (CPC) across Topsort-powered ads on your marketplace in a given time period or the average amount we charge per click. We charge you at most once per customer per session. That is, if a customer in their product discovery clicks on your product multiple times within one search session, we charge only for the first click.
Click through rateThe fraction of times a customer clicks on a promoted ad when they see it. For example, if out of your 100 impressions 20 customers click on your product the CTR is 20%.
Total impressionsThe total times a customer sees your product in a premium placement.
Total clicksThe total number of times that a Topsort-powered ad has been clicked.
Promoted salesThe total number of products that were sold through Topsort powered ads. This dashboard only tracks information related to Topsort powered advertisements, not general site information like total sales.
Conversion rateThe number of conversions divided by the total number of impressions in a given period, shown as a percentage.

All metrics above are real time metrics


Customizable CSV export

All of the data displayed can be downloaded and exported into a PDF format by clicking “Export” on the top right of the page. You can adjust the time frame of interest as well.

Vendor Board

Under the metrics, you can see all of your vendors in the “Vendor Board." You can view all the vendors you shared with us during the catalog integration.

From left to right you can view the following information about your vendors:

LogoEach vendor can upload a PNG or JPG image file in their settings page.
NameThe company name they register with.
Active CampaignsThe number of ad campaigns that each vendor is currently running.
CTRThe click through rate, the percentage of customers who see their ad and click it. For example, if the CTR was 100%, it means that every single customer who saw the advert clicked on it. If the CTR was 10%, it means that 1 out of every 10 customers who saw the promotion clicked on it.
Ad SpendThe total amount this vendor has spent on advertising since joining the platform. This is not an indicator of performance as vendors have different advertising strategies and targets.
Promoted SalesThe total sales revenue of products sold as part of a Topsort powered ad campaign.
Vendor's BalanceThe vendor's current balance for advertising in their account on Topsort.
Vendor AccessThe status of the vendor’s access to their own self-service dashboard. If turned ON (green), the vendor can manage ads themselves. If turned OFF (grey), the vendor will have their access revoked and their account will be deactivated until access is turned back on.

Filter and organize information

You can sort all of this information into ascending or descending order with the small arrow to the right of any metric title. You can also filter active or inactive members or view them all in one list by selecting “All”, “Active”, or “Inactive”.


Inviting more vendors to join Topsort via catalog integration

If you have more vendors that want to run Topsort-powered ads, add them to your catalog and via API sync or a Product Feed update, they will show up on your marketplace dashboard. You can scroll through the list to see or search for a specific vendor in the search bar.

Let us know if you run into any issues with adding new vendors, we’re happy to help.


Activate self-service access for vendors: 2 methods

You can also activate self-service for vendors by inviting members of their team to create an account to access their own dashboard. To invite a vendor representative, toggle on the "Vendor access" button or click on the "Add vendor" button.

Read more about activating vendors here.

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