Sales Training

Ad Sales Training

Launching a native media platform is the first step of your monetization journey. We've created the "Sales Training" module to help you easily train your sales team to sell your ads and account managers to seamlessly manage your ad platform.

You can easily access the training module from your marketplace admin dashboard.

Start with the basics

Easily familiarize yourself with Topsort platform by going through the "Intro to Topsort" and watch the tutorials explaining our platform in detail.

Visit the other modules to understand the basics of an auction-based ad platform.

At any point, you and your team can revisit the how-to guides, product walkthroughs, answers to FAQ, and tips to help

Advanced learning

You'll find detailed articles on the advanced learning module to help your sales team communicate the value of auction-based ads with your vendors.

In the same section, you'll find best practices and tips from our experts.

You can easily request training materials for additional subjects and get support from our international team working around the clock to help you grow your business.