Self-Service vs Managed Service

Marketplaces can completely control vendor access and how campaigns are run in Topsort. This guide will cover the difference between self-service and managed service and pick the right model that fits your marketplace.


In self-service mode, vendors manage and control their own campaigns. With self-service, they will be able to set their own budget and create and manage their campaigns.


For banner ads, marketplaces still have control over how creatives appear on their website.

Vendors can run all campaigns independently, except for some banner ads that require the marketplace’s approval on creatives.

Managed Service

In managed service mode, marketplaces control campaign creation and management. The marketplace sets specific budgets with their vendors and runs campaigns for them, providing them with all the insights and performance metrics from their active campaigns.

Which mode should I use?

It depends on your vendor’s interest in managing campaigns themselves.

Typically, large vendors like Coca-Cola or Unilever opt into managed service advertising because they want to be “hands-off” with running ads. They trust your KAMs to spend their budgets for them. These vendors would discuss an advertising budget with you per annum or per quarter and you would manage campaigns for them without their involvement, only reporting results to them periodically.

Smaller vendors may want to keep a close eye on their advertising spend. Or you have an up-and-coming CPG brand that is tired of advertising using Amazon, Google, or Facebook’s complicated media platforms. They are highly interested in monetizing on your site and even redirecting ad spend away from those tech giants. We'll help your marketplace ramp up your self-service vendors as well.

Most of our customers use both modes when advertising. Or start with managed service and then give vendors the option to try advertising themselves with our self-service tools. It depends on your strategy and resources to maintain either model.


We are here for you

Whichever strategy you choose, we will provide all the support you need to onboard and train vendors or equip your ad management teams with the best practices to run campaigns optimally.