Sponsored Listings

What are Sponsored Listings?

Sponsored Listings are an advertising solution that promote a vendor's products or services in prime listing placements on product listing pages, such as search results or under categories. Sponsored Listings are also called Sponsored Products, Promoted Products or Promoted Listings depending on the marketplace.

Here are some examples of Sponsored Listings:

Unlike more overt forms of advertising (display ads or pop-up ads), Sponsored Listings are always relevant to a customer's interests and non-intrusive to their user experience. Once a relevant ad at the top of the page catches a customer's eye (higher impressions), they are more likely to click and purchase.

Security is also ensured with Topsort-powered Sponsored Listings. Relevance does not depend on harvesting third-party cookie information. Rather, it comes from first-party data: what the customer searched up or what page the customer is on.

Marketplaces, vendors, and customers all benefit from Sponsored Listings. Marketplaces generate more revenue from ad placements and sales, vendors receive high ROAS (return on ad spend), and customers find and purchase what they are looking for.

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