Buiding an API-first integration gives more flexibility yet fewer features out of the gate. You can design your own UI and have total control over the interface your team and vendors use.

Through your custom-built interface, your vendors can create campaigns, run auctions using Topsort API and see the performance of your campaigns.

Your marketplace team can manage vendor access to ad types, manage campaigns for your vendors, and monitor the campaigns.

Guide for building with APIs

Recommended for unique marketplaces that have vendor dashboards or seller apps already

  1. Integrate your catalog information with the sandbox environment using the Product Feed or Catalog Services API.

  2. Integrate your environment with the Topsort API, which has 2 endpoints: /auctions and /events.

  3. Connect to Campaign API to create and retrieve campaigns. You can either build your marketplace admin or use Topsort's admin dashboard.

  4. Decide your own self-service UI and integrate it with your marketplace platform or app. Responses from Topsort API can be used for sponsored listings or banners as outlined here.

  5. Perform User Acceptance Tests to make sure that the Catalog API and Topsort API are working.

  6. Deploy your integration to your production environment, often we collocate to ensure low latency and high performance.

  7. Run some data integrity and end-to-end tests on your production data to make sure everything is ready.