When launching the full platform, you can use Topsort’s ultra-friendly Self Service UI as the marketplace and vendor panel.

On the manager panel, you can

  • Invite vendors to Topsort
  • Manage vendor access to different ad types
  • Monitor the performance of the campaigns real-time
  • Create campaigns for your vendors
  • Monitor vendor campaigns
  • Issue credits
  • Train your sales and account management teams
  • Access API Logs for easy troubleshooting and support

On the vendor's panel, your vendors can:

  • Create campaigns
  • Top up their account
  • Monitor their campaigns

Six Steps for Full Platform Launch

  1. Receive access to our sandbox environment.
  2. Integrate your catalog information with the sandbox environment using the Product Feed or Catalog Service API.
  3. Integrate your environment with the Topsort API, which has 2 endpoints: /auctions and /events.
    1. If you’re running sponsored listings, responses will be under "listings" with the winner productIDs. With that, you can design, render the label, and decide how to set up a sponsored listing.
    2. If you’re running banner ads, see the rendering guide for either website or mobile app here.
  4. Perform **User Acceptance Tests** to make sure that the Catalog API and Topsort API are working.
  5. Deploy your integration to your production environment, often we collocate to ensure low latency and high performance.
  6. Run some data integrity and end-to-end tests on your production data to make sure everything is ready.