Banner Configurations

Topsort banner ads revolutionize the conventional approach, transforming every aspect to deliver a relevant, scalable, and delightful next-gen banner ad experience.

Whether you already use banner ads or are new to them, the process is simple: provide a list of pages with unique identifiers for each banner slot.


You'll use these unique slot ids when requesting auctions

Choose any unique identifier for the banner slots—div IDs, classes, or anything else—just make sure they're unique. And remember, you can create distinct banner ad experiences for mobile, desktop, and apps.

Landing Pages

High-traffic homepages or other landing pages are perfect for banner ads. Start by creating the slots.


Checkout pages are also landing pages!

A slot is a two-dimensional placeholder for banners, with customizable dimensions for different devices. Landing pages can host any number of slots, even multiple in the same section for carousels or sliders.

For each slot, provide:

  • SlotID: A unique identifier that can contain alphanumeric characters and the following symbols: !"#$%&'()*+,-._/:;<>[email protected][]^{}~=
  • Name: A descriptive name (e.g. Homepage Slide 1, Above Trending Products ).
  • URL or Deeplink: The URL where the slot is located.
  • Landing Page name: The slot's corresponding landing page.
  • Width: Image width.
  • Height: Image height.


Use this sample file to bulk upload banner configurations


SlotIDLanding Page NameURL or DeeplinksWidthHeightAdditional Width (optional)Additional Height (optional)
top-slot-1Homepage Christmas
right-slot-2Homepage Christmas

Category and Search

Serve banner ads on any page, allowing vendors and brands to target specific categories and keywords. Well-configured Category and Search ads provide high relevance, demand, and value. For example, create a "Hiking boots" category banner ad slot, exclusive to outdoor activity brands.


Combine category and search to create premium banner ad slots for fixed tenancy (exclusivity) or high competition

Define banner slots on category or search pages and share them with us, similar to landing pages. The only difference is the absence of the "Page name" in the category and search slots.


SlotIDWidthHeightAlternative Width (optional)Alternative Height (optional)

Remember, you can always update your banner ad slots as needed.


We are here to help!

Our commercial and data science teams can help you with the best pages and sections to display banner ads. We've done this many times and are here to help you reach the true potential of banner ads that boosts user experience.