The next step is adjusting your app in order for it to be able to run auctions in Topsort and report auction-related events back to us so Topsort can calculate billing for ad campaigns and analytics so we can provide invaluable insights on how campaigns are doing and how they may improve in the future.

Topsort API Reference Overview

The API Reference definition is available here. A general overview of the definition can be found below.

Check our API Status here and do not forget to subscribe to updates.


What calls should I make?

  • POST /auctions: request which triggers an auction in Topsort and returns auction results.
  • POST /events: request which notifies Topsort about any impressions, clicks or purchases associated to auction winners.


No trailing slash (/)

Note that the endpoints are defined without a trailing slash (/). Since we are intent on minimizing the impact of running auctions over your app, we will not redirect your app from trailing / endpoints to the right endpoints since that would mean an extra round trip before you start receiving auction winners.

For example, will provide a response to /v1/auctions but not to /v1/auctions/.


We're here for support

If you need help implementing this integration, please contact us! We are always happy to help with implementation details.