When everything seems to be working fine in our testing environments and you feel like you are ready to move to production, we recommend following the following tests to double-check and make sure the environment transition is flawless.

Our User Acceptance Tests (UAT) are a series of tests that aim to work as an overall integration check to our services. Going through these tests step by step we expect our UAT will lead you to discover unnoticed errors (if those happen to exist), sharpen your understanding of the processes required to make auctions happen, and give you confidence in the robustness of the integration with Topsort.


Connecting with your account manager

We suggest you sync with your Topsort’s integration specialist so that we can give you the help you might need in a faster manner and finally verify that the integration is complete.

NumberTest CaseExpected Outcome
1Catalog service shows
all available products
When creating a new campaign or adding products to an existing one, the Topsort app lets you choose from all existing products (or those of the current vendor), searching through them and filtering by category.
2Auctions, events are triggered correctly.Auctions; and impression, click and purchase events are triggered when appropriate in the marketplace application.

a. The tester must create a new campaign called “UAT-TEST” adding some products to it with a bid amount of $1000 or equivalent (this is to ensure that the campaign is going to win the auction).

The following steps must be completed with two different unique users.

b. The tester must go to a view where these products will bid in an auction. The products that are part of the “UAT-TEST” campaign should appear as promoted to continue with the test case.

c. The tester must interact positively (e.g. clicks, taps, add to cart, etc.) with one of these products

4. The tester must purchase that product.

5. The tester must send Topsort screenshots for each of the previous steps and ask to confirm that the events are registered correctly.
3Topsort's data analysis matches what happened within the testing timeframe.After going through all the aforementioned tests, Topsort will provide a summary of the data received within the testing period.

The following metrics should match what is expected:

1. Number of auctions.
2. Number of impressions.
3. Number of clicks.
4. Number of purchases.
5. Number of unique sessions. Any concerns about data format or issues detected will be pointed out by Topsort.