Changelog #15 (November 17, 2022)

This week, the Topsort team released additional vendor permission settings for marketplace admins, added a search feature to the campaigns list, deployed a campaign relaunch feature, and made campaign pages more informative with campaign status notifications. We also added information boxes and tooltips to clarify how different budget types work.

Release Notes

Set Vendor Permissions During the Invitation

Now marketplaces can set the permissions of a new vendor while they invite them to the self-service vendor dashboard. All you need to do now is select the "Role" of a vendor while inviting them. You can give them Full access with permission to create and edit campaigns, or give Analytics access where they can monitor the performance of their campaigns in real-time, but can't edit or create campaigns.

Campaign Search

A search bar is added to the campaign list to help you select the campaigns easier. Campaign search comes in handy for vendors and marketplace admins when managing a long list of campaigns.

Relaunch Campaigns

You can now relaunch campaigns that reached their end dates. Simply click "Relaunch" and enter the new end date or leave it as an ongoing campaign. With this new feature, you can easily reactivate your campaigns to continue getting great results.

Campaign Status Notifications

New notifications on campaign details pages give you more information and alerts about your campaign status. You can now see the campaign status notifications below:

  • Campaign end date is approaching
  • Campaign has expired
  • Campaign is inactive due to:
    • Campaign deactivated
    • All products in the campaign are deactivated


We added tooltips and info boxes to the campaign setup step and campaign details page to clarify how daily, weekly, and monthly budgets work.