Changelog #14 (November 1, 2022)

Now you can manage vendor dashboard permissions within the admin dashboard. We also added a product search feature to the campaigns and deployed upgrades to the /events endpoint. We made changes in the API documentation and improved the help center experience within the vendor dashboard.

Release Notes

Change Vendor Dashboard Permissions

Now marketplaces can manage the self-service vendor permissions directly within the admin dashboard. Simply visit the vendor dashboard and choose between "Full access" and "Analytics" to select the type of dashboard access you want to give to the vendor.

Changing Campaign End Date

After setting an end date for a campaign, vendors can easily change the end date or remove the end date to turn a campaign into an ongoing campaign with no end date.

Product Search

Now you can search products by their names on the campaign details page. Product search makes it easier to manage campaigns with a long list of products. You can easily find a product to view the performance metrics or change the status.

Additional Metrics with /events Endpoint

We’ve upgraded the /events endpoint to allow marketplaces to send additional metrics to create better insights about ads have been performing. With the upgrade, /events endpoint got more reliable and scalable.


  • Sponsored Listings and Banner Ads campaigns are decoupled from the API documentation to increase the interpretability of fields for the campaign API.
  • The "Help Center" on the vendor dashboard opens in a new tab.