Topsort offers cutting-edge, privacy-first monetization technology designed specifically for marketplaces looking to develop and scale their own auction-based advertising platforms. To cater to different technical needs and preferences, Topsort provides two distinct integration approaches: Low-Code Integration and Full API-First Integration.

How to Integrate Topsort

  1. Auctions Integration
    • Purpose: The core of Topsort’s technology, the auction system, determines the winning product or creative to be displayed based on predefined criteria and real-time bidding.
    • Functionality: This integration handles the logic and processing of bids, ensuring that the most relevant and highest bidding advertisements are selected and displayed to the end users.
  2. Events Integration
    • Purpose: Event tracking is crucial for measuring the effectiveness of advertised products and creatives. This includes tracking clicks, impressions, and purchases.
    • Functionality: Integrated event tracking facilitates comprehensive analytics and reporting, enabling marketplaces to gain insights into ad performance, user engagement, and ROI.
  3. Catalog Integration (Not Needed for Banners Integration)
    • Purpose: Catalog integration involves syncing vendor and product data with Topsort to identify items that can be promoted within the marketplace.
    • Functionality: This component ensures that all promotable items are accurately represented and available for auctions, providing a seamless link between marketplace inventories and advertising slots.

Whether you choose the streamlined simplicity of Low-Code Integration or the robust flexibility of Full API-First Integration, Topsort provides the tools necessary to effectively monetize your marketplace through a privacy-first, auction-based advertising system. Each component of the integration is designed to empower marketplaces with the ability to manage, analyze, and optimize their advertising strategies efficiently.

For detailed documentation, step-by-step guides, and support, marketplaces are encouraged to contact our technical support team via [email protected].

We are committed to ensuring a smooth integration process and helping you maximize your advertising potential.