Welcome to Topsort's integration guide. Topsort's mission is to drive privacy-first, auction-based monetization technology to empower marketplaces and delight advertisers. You can choose the integration path based on your product roadmap and needs.

Currently, there are 2 main integration models with Topsort: You can either launch via a full media platform with both marketplace admin and self-service advertising UI. Or you can launch via a custom-built API-first approach.

Read more about the full retail media platform here and the API-first integration here.

Full Media Platform (recommended)

Topsort’s ultra-friendly UI comes in two pieces: a marketplace admin dashboard where marketplace admins manage campaigns and invite vendors, and a self-service vendor dashboard where brands and sellers invited to the platform can manage and monitor advertising themselves.

On the manager panel, you can

  • Invite vendors to Topsort,
  • Manage vendor access to different ad types
  • Monitor the performance of the campaigns
  • Create campaigns for your vendors
  • Monitor vendor campaigns
  • Issue credits
  • Train your sales and account management teams
  • Access API Logs for easy troubleshooting and support

On the vendor (self-service advertiser)'s panel, your advertisers can:

  • Create campaigns
  • Top up their account
  • Monitor their campaigns

Read more about the full retail media platform launch here.

Build with API

If you opt not to use Topsort’s UI and create campaigns on your own interface, we need you to share the details of the campaign you want to run with us through Campaign Service.

Read more about building with API here


Not sure how to decide?

You can also start with the full retail media platform launch and later migrate to the custom building with API approach.


The priorities below can also help you decide on the integration model.

PriorityFull Media PlatformBuild with API
Launch timeFasterFast (requires some development work)
Self-serviceReady at launchBuild your own
UI customizationWhite-labelCustom UI (build dashboards inside your app)
Development resourcesLessMore