Welcome to Topsort's integration guide. Topsort's mission is to drive privacy-first, auction-based monetization technology to empower marketplaces and delight advertisers. You can choose the integration path based on your product roadmap and needs.

Topsort offers two integration models: full media platform and custom-built API-first approach.

Full Media Platform:
Marketplace admin dashboard for campaign management and vendor invitations
Self-service vendor dashboard for campaign creation and monitoring

API-first Custom Build:
Develop custom interface using Topsort’s Campaign Service and APIs


The priorities below can also help you decide on the integration model.

You can also start with the full retail media platform launch then transition to the custom building with API approach.

PriorityFull Media PlatformBuild with API
Time to launchFasterFast (Requires Custom Development Work)
Self-serviceReady at launchBuild your own
UI customizationWhite-label, Rich Feature SetsFully Custom and Modular
Development resourcesLessMore

Read more about the full retail media platform here and the API-first integration here.

**Here are the integration steps:

  1. Receive access to our sandbox environment**.
  2. Integrate your catalog information with the sandbox environment using the Product Feed or Catalog API.
  3. Integrate your environment with the Topsort API, which has 2 endpoints: /auctions and /events.
    1. If you’re running sponsored listings, responses will be under "listings" with the winner productIDs. With that, you can design, render the label, and decide how to set up a sponsored listing.
    2. If you’re running banner ads, see the rendering guide for either website or mobile app here.
  4. Perform **User Acceptance Tests** to make sure that the Catalog API and Topsort API are working.
  5. Deploy your integration to your production environment, often we collocate to ensure low latency and high performance.
  6. Run some data integrity and end-to-end tests on your production data to make sure everything is ready.