Topsort API authentication is enforced through the use of a bearer token. Requests must include an authorization header containing a marketplace API key. If such header is missing or invalid, the HTTP response code will be 401 Unauthorized.

POST /v1/auctions HTTP/2
Authorization: Bearer <YOUR-API-KEY>

Obtaining an API Key

By this point we will have provided you with credentials to log into Topsort's Auctions Manager. After logging in, open the API Integration page, then click on the Generate API key button.


Step 1: access the Topsort API Integration page by clicking on Settings, and then selecting API Integration.


Step 2: generate an API key by pressing the Generate API key button.


Step 3: click on the Copy button at the right of the newly generated token to copy it into your clipboard.


Server side only

This token is not meant to be a public key. Please keep this token for server usage only, do not share it.