The auction-based sponsored listings process operates as follows:

  1. After your platform's search identifies the "products" to display on a page, make a call to our /auctions endpoint.
  2. This call initiates an auction among the eligible "products" that have active campaigns in our records.
  3. We return the winning "products" that can be sponsored for display on the marketplace platform's page.

Consider Sponsored Listings as versatile components for serving ads on any page that features a product, brand, or listing. Landing pages (such as your homepage), search result pages, category pages, checkout, and brand pages can all showcase sponsored listings.

To integrate Sponsored Listings, follow these two steps:

  1. Identify the pages and slots where you want to display the sponsored listings (category, search, checkout, etc.).
  2. Call our /auctions endpoint to initiate the auctions for eligible products from the search results returned by the marketplace platform.


You can run auctions for any listings including brands, restaurants, supermarkets, concerts, venues, hotels, tours, artists, etc. and serve ads.