Catalog API

advanced and only available for Enterprise customers


Not required for standard Integration

Consult your Topsort team contact if unsure.

The Catalog API manages catalog entities used in campaign creation. For sandbox, send requests to:


Catalog API stores 3 entity types:

  1. Categories: Groups for products, aiding in search and filtering.
  2. Products: Items sold in a marketplace with unique identifiers.
  3. Vendors: Entities selling products across various brands and categories.


Each entity type has 4 endpoints:

  • Upsert: Create or update multiple entities simultaneously.
  • Fetch: Retrieve all entities added to Topsort (paginated).
  • Fetch (with ID): Retrieve a specific entity using its ID.
  • Delete: Remove entities from the catalog, requiring their IDs.

👍 Need help? Contact [email protected] for assistance with implementation.