After your user acceptance tests are completed, it's time to deploy to your production environment.

During the integration steps, you will be running your tests within our sandbox and using your test catalog. For deployment, we will be providing the production credentials.

There are 3 main steps before deployment:

  • Connect your live catalog (if you are using the Catalog Services API, you need to share the live catalog URL with us)
  • Get production credentials:
    • While launching the full platform (white-label), we will create a new account for you and provide the marketplace admin credentials. We will also share the Topsort API URL for production. Then, you generate your API key.
    • If you are building your custom UI to use Topsort API, we provide the production Topsort API URL and API key
  • Replace your Topsort sandbox credentials with the production credentials (API URL and key) we provided and move your integrations to the production environment

The deployment process differs for marketplaces offering native ads in multiple countries:

In that case, we need to create different accounts, one for each country(which translates into one API Key per marketplace country in which they want to advertise on).

When deploying or moving into production you need to handle as many accounts and API Keys as countries you want to advertise on. This suggests two things:

  • The provided production catalogs need to be per country (no matter if it's through Catalog API or Product Feed)
  • When setting up the provided Production API Keys you need to make sure that the right API key is used depending on which country the auction/event is taking place.