Changelog #16 (December 5, 2022)

Recently, Topsort has released the new Reporting API that makes reporting easier on the marketplace, vendor, campaign, and product level. Marketplaces can now use the Reporting API to get daily or aggregated behavior summary data. We also added new vendor metrics to help marketplace admins have better insight into vendor performance.

Reporting API

Using the Campaign API or our dashboards marketplaces can easily monitor and report the aggregated data for their marketplace as well as for each vendor, campaign, and product. We understand that some businesses prefer to report daily behavior summary data, separate from the aggregate data. As usual, we listen to your needs and created a solution.

Introducing Reporting API, an all-in-one campaign metrics API. With Reporting API you can get both daily and aggregated data for your marketplace or per vendor, campaign, and product between the dates you pick.

Check our Reporting API documentation for more.

More Vendor Metrics

To give marketplaces more insight into vendor performance, we added new metrics that marketplace admins can see at the vendor level. In addition to amount spent on ads, impressions, conversion, and CTR, now, you can also see % of auctions won, ROAS, clicks, and cost per click