Changelog #17 (December 22, 2022)

This week we released Activity Logs to help you stay in the know about your vendors' activity and provide faster support! We also added the campaign tab on the vendor dashboard for easier campaign management.

Campaigns Tab

With the new campaigns tab, your vendors with tens of campaigns can now manage their campaigns faster! They can view all campaigns in a table view including the campaign type, products, and status. Filters help them find the campaign they are looking for faster. They can also see the performance metrics of a product simply by hovering over the product image. The campaigns tab is available in all self-service vendor dashboards.

Activity Logs

You receive email notifications whenever a change is made to the campaigns so you can easily monitor the vendor activity and offer support faster. Now activity logs show the most recent changes to campaigns directly on the vendor overview panel for easier access.

With activity logs, you can see what changes were made to campaigns, who made changes, and when those changes were made. Load more activities to see the entire change history of your vendor campaigns.