Changelog #21 (April 5, 2023)

This week's update brings the Exclusive Banners for fixed tenancy and premium offerings, and Improved Reporting for deeper insights into banner ad performance. These enhancements aim to streamline campaign creation, meet vendor demands, and provide valuable analytics for your ad business.

Exclusive Banners

One of the most common requests we were receiving from our partners was about the fixed tenancy. Brands and vendors like to be shown on a certain category or landing page. With our recent update, you can create exclusive banners with a click of a button. When marked as exclusive, that banner slot will only be available to the vendors you pick and others can not enter the auctions for that spot for the timeframe you set.

To make a banner exclusive, simply select Exclusive from “Bidding or Exclusive” dropdown on the last step of campaign creation and set the start and end dates of the exclusivity period.

Improved Reporting for Banner Campaigns

Now vendors can monitor the performance of their banner ads campaigns in more detail. Once you visit the banner campaign page, you’ll see overall campaign metrics as well as the details on the campaign target. For example, if the campaign promotes products a table with promoted products will show key metrics such as impressing, CTR, Ad Spend, etc per product. You'll see metrics when you promote the vendor page or a URL/backlink. Your vendors will also be able to see the targeting details such as targeted categories or keywords.

Campaign-level View on Analytics Tab

Topsort Analytics tab shows the overview of ad performance metrics on the marketplace and vendor-level metrics to give you insights into your ad business and help you make data-driven decisions faster.

Now, the Analytics tab has campaign-level metrics too. You can switch between vendor and campaign-level metrics on the table and monitor the metrics that matter to you the most. You can configure the campaign-level metrics table by picking the metrics to view and export the data at the click of a button.

Clicking on the campaign name takes you to the campaign details page for a deeper dive into the performance.