Changelog #24 (July 14, 2023)

This week Topsort introduces Advanced Analytics, enabling users to access granular data, create custom dashboards, and make data-driven decisions. Simplified sandbox switching and a Kotlin library for easy event reporting further enhance the user experience.

Advanced Analytics

To provide greater access and transparency to Topsort’s data, we have created a premium feature that allows users to access more granular data directly from a Snowflake database and explore the data.

The friendly UI allows users to not only navigate the more granular data but also to create customized dashboards with various forms of data visualizations. Build custom analytics, create visualizations, and save the reports. Save time and effort while making data-driven decisions.

Offer advanced analytics to your vendors and brands for a true value proposition they can't find anywhere else.

Advanced analytics will be offered as an add-on which will only be available to customers who request this upgrade.


This is an add-on feature. To activate Advanced Analytics get in touch with your account managers.

Sandbox switch update

We’ve made it a priority to simplify the way marketplaces can switch from "production" to "sandbox" on the admin dashboard. You can now view the two environments by clicking on a toggle on the bottom left side of the menu and easily transition your view of live metrics and campaigns versus your test environment.

Easier events reporting with Kotlin library

Events reporting is now simpler than ever for your Android apps. Install the recently-launched Kotlin library for reporting events, and see the real-time metrics on your dashboard. See details here