Changelog #25 (July 28, 2023)

This week, we unveiled a feature that allows the creation of multi-creative banner campaigns via our dashboard. We've improved monitoring, provided detailed campaign configurations, and targeting info for better campaign management. Plus, we've streamlined onboarding and added customizable time zones for a personalized user experience.

Banner Campaigns with Multiple Creatives

It is now possible to create a banner campaign with up to 6 creatives. Once you upload multiple creatives, you can also target different slots for each banner all in the same campaign creation flow. This feature will speed up the banner campaign creation process and allow for greater use of the admin and vendor dashboards. Multi-creative banners were already possible via API, but this will make it even more accessible for customers using Topsort’s dashboard interface.

With these new features, we also revamped our banner campaign performance monitoring flows, to give you better visibility, insights, and control over your campaigns.

You’ll notice labels on the campaign details page. These labels help you see the campaign configurations (Single or multiple banners, bidding or exclusive) at a glance.

Right below the creatives, you’ll also be able to see the targeting (Keywords, Categories, Geolocation, etc.) details.

The previews of your campaign creatives (mobile and desktop) are placed on top of the banner campaign details page. Use the slider to find the banner and click on the creative. The metrics table below with targeting details will be updated to display the performance of the banner.


  • Phone number removed from onboarding step
  • You can now set the timezone for your marketplace so users can see their time zones on the campaign creation steps. Simply visit the account details to change your time zone.