Changelog #26 (August 28th, 2023)

This week, we've enhanced the Autobidding Control for direct Target ROAS adjustments for vendors. Additionally, we've expanded banner attribution, refined the vendor dashboard, and standardized dashboard data to UTC time. These updates underscore our dedication to optimizing the Topsort platform experience.

Set Target ROAS for Vendors via Autobidding Control

Our one-of-a-kind Autobidding Control feature in the admin dashboard provides enhanced control and insights for ad businesses. And, it just got an update that gives more granular control. What you were able to do via API, can be done at a click of a button on the Autobidding Tab.

These changes provide marketplaces with more granular control over their vendor and campaigns while maintaining the structural integrity of marketplace economics.

You will now set 3 ROAS labels that allow you to quickly change the Target ROAS on the vendor level (and soon on the campaign level). Each three primary ROAS label: “Aggressive”, “Moderate”, and “Conservative”, are linked to specific ROAS values.

Once the ROAS values are set for these labels, altering the Target ROAS at the vendor level will be possible by just changing the label. Any subsequent campaigns created by that vendor will target the ROAS set by the label (only if those campaigns don't have a specified Target ROAS.)

Please note that these values differ across marketplaces and the Topsort data-science team will help you determine the initial values and update them to drive the best economic value for the marketplace.

You can still set a Target ROAS for vendors and campaigns using API. If a campaign or vendor is set to a value outside of the predefined label mappings using the API, a "custom" label will be displayed.

Banner Attribution

Topsort banners serve as way more than an awareness campaign tool. Our flexible targeting and destination features take banners beyond awareness and make them a valuable conversion tool. With that flexibility comes the need for attribution. We’ve listened to our partners and expanded banner attribution to allow different attribution for brands, vendors, and products. Now a product or brand promoted by different vendors will get the attribution to the campaign that further optimizes the delivery and performance.

Downloading Brand Guidelines

As a marketplace, the banner configuration guidelines were already available to your vendors on the configurations tab. Now, your vendors can easily download and reference these guidelines to ensure their banner creatives align with your marketplace's design standards. Enhancing consistency and compliance across the platform, while streamlining adoption by the vendors.

Sponsored Listing Campaigns Scheduling

Marketplace admins can now define start and end hours for sponsored listing campaigns, enhancing granularity and precision in campaign management. A feature already present in banner campaign creation flow is not available for sponsored listings campaigns.

Updated Vendor Dashboard Metrics

We've refined the vendor dashboard to better showcase key metrics. The summary block now displays Ad Revenue, Clicks, Sales, and ROAS metrics, aligning with the trends presented in the charts. This enhancement offers vendors a more streamlined and informative view of their performance indicators.

Unified Time Zone Update

To streamline data visualization for teams across different time zones, all dashboard data is now consistently displayed in UTC time, ensuring that regardless of location, all users view identical data.

An exception is made during campaign creation: datetime will be shown in the user's local time zone for a more intuitive campaign setup. The set time zone for your marketplace can be verified under Settings > Account Details

Building Blocks - Modal Improvements

Our building blocks that allow marketplaces to offer the most intuitive campaign creation to their vendors just got performance and experience improvements.