Changelog #27 (September 18th, 2023)

This week, we've rolled out pivotal updates to enhance your ad platform experience. Now you can set Target ROAS at the campaign level directly in the admin dashboard. We also launched category-specific Reserve Prices, and advanced editing for Sponsored Listings.

Target ROAS Control at Campaign Level

In our continuous efforts to give you more control over your ad platform, we're excited to introduce a direct configuration in the UI that allows marketplaces to control the Target ROAS for a campaign. This complements the pre-existing API functionality and the Target ROAS control at the Vendor level. Now, you have the flexibility of editing the Target ROAS across the marketplace, vendors, and campaign levels.

Advanced Editing for Sponsored Listings Campaigns

We heard your feedback and are pleased to announce enhanced editing functionality for your Sponsored Listing Campaigns. Now, after launching a campaign, you can navigate to the campaign details page and make modifications to the products within the campaign, the campaign name, budget, targeting options, and campaign duration. To get started, simply click on the “Edit Campaign Settings” button, which will guide you through the campaign creation flow.

Reserve Prices at Category Level

Our new update empowers marketplaces with the capability to set Reserve Prices at the category level. By tailoring your reserve prices according to specific categories, you can better optimize your ad platform. To help you maximize your ad revenue, we will help you calculate the reserve bids for each category.