Changelog #6 (July 26, 2022)

This week, the Topsort team releases the API Logs module for developers to troubleshoot issues quicker than ever before. This first launch in developer tools aims to bring transparency and clarity into the API integrations process for marketplace engineering teams. 🧑‍🔧

Release Notes

API Logs

The API Logs show users all the REST API request methods (GET, POST, PUSH, PATCH, and DELETE) and their corresponding response or status code (200, 400, etc.) made within the last 2 weeks.

Filter through requests by date, status, HTTP method, and API endpoint. Switch through the “Succeeded” and “Failed” tabs to look through requests with the same status.

Clicking on any one method to display detailed information about the request and response in the side view:

  • HTTP method and URL
  • Status
  • Time
  • Source
  • Request query parameters


Self-Service Dashboard Updates

Topsort has updated our self-service dashboard for vendors. We’ve reformatted the metrics and campaign overview elements to fit all on one screen without needing to scroll. Located on the bottom is a quick link to the Topsort Help Center as well.