Autobidding (Bidless™️)

Topsort uses generalized first-priced and second-priced auctions, and has built-in autobidding (Bidless™️) which gives marketplaces price control through dynamic real-time auctions including CPM, CPC, and CPA, developed by Michael Ostrovsky - Professor at Stanford and writer of Generalized Second Price Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second-Price Auction, Pure-Strategy Equilibrium in the Generalized First-Price Auction and Reserve Prices in Internet Advertising Auctions.

System default is CPC for sponsored listings and CPM for sponsored banners,

With Topsort, a marketplace can target ROAS at the marketplace, advertiser, and campaign level, gaining price control over the advertising at all times.

This also enables marketplaces to offer simplified bidding interface that leverage long-tail adoption as well as top brands and sellers.