Autobidding (Bidless™️)

real-time pricing control and enables self-service long tail adoption while maintaining healthy economics

What is Autobidding?

Autobidding is available for your Sponsored Listing campaigns by clicking "Adjust my bids for me". Here, our systems will take your daily budget and optimally enter you into auctions where you'll see the best result. We simplify the process of setting bid prices for advertisers.

Topsort Campaign Creation Autobidding

Topsort Campaign Creation: Autobidding

Autobidding Control Panel

Topsort Admin has an autobidding control panel that gives you full reins to set target ROAS and bidding preferences.


Autobidding enables a bidless interface that allows easy adoption and completely removes the bid management manual bidding process from the advertiser experience.

Topsort Bidless campaigns



Just want Autobidding?

Transitioning manual bids to automatic bids with a simple Autobidding Optimizer integration!