Placements and Use Cases

There are multiple placements and use cases you can utilize for sponsored listings

Where will sponsored listing ads appear?

Sponsored listings appear on category, search, carousels, swimlanes, related products, check-out and cross-sell pages.

Sponsored listings on search pages:

Here on Tesco, when we search "chocolate", the top two products are boosted to maximum visibility and listed as sponsored.

Sponsored listings on search pages

Sponsored Listings in Search

Sponsored listings on category pages:

Here you can see the top four listings of a category page appear sponsored.

Sponsored listings category pages

Sponsored Listings in Category

Sponsored listings on carousels pages:

Carousels often appear at the bottom of product pages.

Topsort Sponsored Listing Carousel

Sponsored Listings on Carousel

Sponsored listings as swimlanes:

Here is where the sponsored posts are not in the top prime locations, but scattered through other high visibility listings. See the red dress.

Sponsored Listings Swimlanes

Sponsored Listings as Swimlanes

Sponsored listings as related products:

Here the sponsored listings appear as a form of related products when on a product page:

Topsort Sponsored Listings related products

Sponsored Listings as Related Products