API Logs

Developer Logs

API Logs

“Dev Tools” is where the API logs are located. The API Logs give developers errors and summaries of API calls to help developers troubleshoot quickly during an integrations cycle or monitor the health of marketplace Topsort API calls.

On the "Dev Tools" dashboard, you'll see charts with high-level summaries of API requests made, successful calls, and failed calls.

  • The “API request” card summarizes how many of each method was made during the selected timeframe.
  • The “Successful calls” and “Failed calls” cards total the amount of successful and failed calls made during the selected timeframe respectively.

Each card displays the trend over time and hovering over the charts will give you the data points.

You'll be able to see all the logs for the last 2 weeks.

We only show you calls that resulted in errors so you don’t have to scroll through a large volume of requests.

Information on the request, HTTP method, the time it was made, source, and request query parameters are shown. All information is ordered by date (shows 7 days by default) and you can view more requests by adjusting the date range.

Here are some features to help you troubleshoot even quicker:

Filtering by API

Filter all your errors by the API to see the origin of the errors faster.

Schema validator

We've implemented a schema validator for the API calls to show you more detailed error logs. When the request you made is different from the pattern we expect, you'll see the notification with a detailed description of the cause of the error, and clicking on the alert will take you to the relevant part of your request.

Topsort API logs Error logs

Topsort Schema Validator

Topsort API logs, Error logs

Topsort Error Logs


Hopefully, every time you log in to your admin dashboard, you'll be seeing the screen below;)

Topsort Admin Dashboard Error Logs

Topsort Error Logs