Fully control the vendor management and campaign creation on the managed-service option

Managed Service

When you opt for managed service, as a marketplace, you handle campaign creation and management for your vendors and brands.

Topsort gives marketplaces the flexibility with creating a customized managed service.

The dashboard provides a simple overview of all active campaigns, vendors, and analytics, all updated in real-time allowing you to make data-driven decisions to optimize for maximum ROI.

Here is the managed dashboard:

Topsort managed service dashboard

Topsort Managed-Service Dashboard

At the top, you can see the key performance indicators including:

Active Vendors: The number of active vendors currently running ads through your platform
Total Ad Spend: The total amount that has been spent on ads across all vendors
Cost per Click: The average cost per click for an ad promoted on your site
Click-Through Rate: The average click-through rate for an ad promoted on your site
Total Impressions: The total number of impressions across all of your ads across all vendors
Total Clicks: The total number of clicks across all of your ads across all vendors
Number of Purchases: The total number of purchases from promoted products
Conversion Rate: The total number of purchases divided by the total impressions

Under that, you can see all the vendors that you're managing with their active number of campaigns and ad balance.

To see more information about a specific vendor, simply click on their name. You'll be taken to their vendor page.

Here you can see key details for outlining their activity and trends as well as being able to add credit and create campaigns.

Topsort Vendor details, Activity log, Trends

Topsort Vendor Details