Self Service

Give your vendors access to create and edit campaigns for themselves


In self-service mode, vendors manage and control their own campaigns. With self-service, they will be able to set their own budget and create and manage their campaigns.


For banner ads, marketplaces still have control over how creatives appear on their website.

Vendors can run all campaigns independently, except for some banner ads that require the marketplace’s approval on creatives.

The dashboard provides a simple overview of all recent campaigns and analytics, updated in real-time allowing your vendors to make data-driven decisions to optimize for maximum ROI.

Here is the vendor dashboard:

Topsort Vendor Dashboard

Topsort Vendor Dashboard

At the top, your vendors can view the trends of their advertising in a graph format or on the right in metric format. These numbers are updated in real-time and can the time period can be adjusted by clicking the drop-down menu.

Underneath, you can see the recent vendor campaigns as well as having access to our help center and frequently asked questions.

This dashboard is also the place to invite new team members, manage payments and create campaigns.