Manage Banner Configurations

Viewing all created configurations

Once you’ve set up at least one banner ads configuration, the “Configuration” page will display all past configurations made underneath its corresponding placement (homepage, categories, or search). Now you can view all previous configurations by order of oldest to latest date of creation.

How to edit, delete, and create new configurations

From here, you can edit and delete configurations by clicking the three dots to the right of configurations. Choosing to edit any configuration will take you to the second configuration creation step relevant to each placement type (i.e. pick category for a category page configuration or set keywords for a search page configuration).

Deleting a configuration means that banner ad campaigns can no longer be created with those settings. Live banner ad campaigns made with deleted settings will run, but new ones cannot be made.

To make a new configuration, press the “Add a configuration” button to the top right of the page.

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