Introduction to Topsort

Launch, optimize, and monetize profitable ad businesses with ease

Topsort provides auction-based building blocks for marketplaces and retailers to launch, scale, and optimize ad businesses that are profitable, effective, to stay future-friendly with privacy shifts and delight users.

Topsort democratizes the key profit driver for the world's top marketplaces through a single API. Whether your marketplace is large or small, you can get started on launching auction-based native advertising on your website.

Today there are 3 ways to use the Topsort product:

  1. Media Platform: a white-labeled platform with multiple ad formats built in and allows admins and invited vendors to self-service monitor, manage, and report ads. This solution includes both Topsort Admin and Self-Service Vendor Dashboard.
    1. For Retailers launching their Retail Media
    2. For E-Commerce businesses launching a quick off the shelf solution
  2. Auction-Based API-First Approach: a new generation of "ad servers" that are much more effective replacements for traditional ad servers that rely on third party cookies, and uses auction-based logic and autobidding to maximize for marketplace ad revenue as well as advertiser return.
  3. Autobidding Optimizer: a Sentry-like tool for monitoring in-house manual auctions and moving them to a more dynamic autobidding system.