You must be familiar with cookie-based advertising.

When you visit a website to check laptops and monitors that site puts cookies in your browser. When at some later point you visit a news site to read some news, you will often see ads for laptops and monitors. The technology that makes this possible is known as the “third-party cookie”—the news website, through a chain of technologies, is able to access the cookies placed on your browser earlier, and can then try to guess which ads you might be interested in.

The use of 3rd party cookies is controversial yet very common in the advertising industry. It violates user privacy by tracking them around the Internet. They are common because, advertisers use cookies for better ad targeting, more relevant ads, and higher revenue. Platforms let the use of cookies because it allows them to generate more revenue and serve more relevant content.

But, the end of cookies is near! Even Google Chrome, by far the largest and most popular web browser will soon ban them. Ad platforms that rely on 3rd-party cookies will see massive reductions in performance and revenues.

Topsort doesn't need 3rd-party cookies to deliver relevant and high-return ads. We are truly a cookieless solution built for the post-cookie world.

We do not need cookies, because our solution has been built from the ground up to show users the ads that are relevant and useful at the moment when they are actively involved in the relevant search - not two hours later.‍

So unlike the legacy solutions that are critically dependent on third-party cookies, we do not need to “change our stripes,” and are proud to be able to offer our clients a modern, relevant, and privacy-respecting advertising solution that will stand the test of time.